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  1. Improve mind and body coordination

  2. Increase stamina, strength, and overall well-being

  3. Manage the stress we encounter daily in a positive manner

  4. Knowledge and understanding of the concepts of modern self-defense

  5. Improvement in self-confidence, leadership skills, and having a positive attitude towards life


  1. Increase all aspects of physical fitness

  2. Improving self-esteem. Creating a “Can Do” attitude

  3. A positive community for children to make friends and enjoy activities with others

  4. Improving responsibility in children

  5. Creating leadership skills

  6. Knowledge of real world self-defense

  7. Principles of Taekwondo



  • Courtesy 

    • Be kind to others and show respect​

    • Bowing to Instructors

    • Saying Yes sir/ma'am to instructors parents and teachers.

    • Be kind and respectful to parents and grandparents

  • Integrity – 

    • Be Honest. Never lie, cheat or steal

    • Do what is right always

    • Do what you say you will do

  • Perseverance – 

    • Don't quit because something is difficult.​

    • Push yourself to finish what you start.

    • Your body can do more than you think it can.

  • Self Control – 

    • Control your mind and body​

    • Stand still when required

    • Sit quietly when required

    • Listen to the instructors or teachers

    • Eyes on the instructors

    • Do not talk when the instructor or teacher is talking

  • Indomitable Spirit – 

    • Having a strong mind​

    • Don't let yourself or others tell you that you can't do something

    • Set goals for yourself and finish them

    • When your body is tired, keep a strong mind and tell yourself that you are going to finish what you started


As a member of Croft Taekwondo, I will strive to be a strong individual who will practice the principles of Taekwondo, show respect to my family, help others in my community, and be loyal to my country, family, and friends.


  • I will practice the principles of Taekwondo at all times

  • I will do things to make my body and mind strong and centered

  • I will obey and respect my parents

  • I will show respect for my master and instructors

  • I will not do anything to dishonor my master, myself, or my school

About Croft Taekwondo

At Croft Taekwondo, we are a family-oriented Martial Arts school serving the Keller and Fort Worth areas. We teach focus, self-control, respect and develop self-confidence in our students. Our school teaches the Korean Martial Arts of Taekwondo and Haidong Gumdo (Korean Sword Art).

Come try a Free class anytime!

Our classes at Croft Taekwondo teach Traditional and Olympic Sport Taekwondo. The traditional aspect focuses on Forms, Kicking Technique, Punching/Striking Technique and Self Defense. Our Sport Taekwondo teaches WTF Olympic Style Sparring.

We believe Taekwondo is a way of life. We teach students how to exercise and combine both mind and body together as one. With the strict discipline incorporated into our program, the student will learn how to manage their stress, and anger, and channel those emotions into positive results through sweat and dedication. What students learn during class reflects in their daily lives.

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