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Little Dragons ages 3-5

Introducing Little Dragons: A Journey of Fun, Learning, and Taekwondo Basics!

Our Little Dragons program is specially designed for students aged 3-5, providing a nurturing and engaging environment where they can begin their martial arts journey. With a primary focus on following directions, fun exercises, and fundamental Taekwondo skills, our Little Dragons experience is tailored to meet the unique needs of our youngest learners. Here's what makes our program exceptional:

  1. Building a Strong Foundation: Our Little Dragons class lays the groundwork for future martial arts success. Through interactive exercises and age-appropriate activities, students develop their ability to follow directions, enhance coordination, and cultivate a love for physical fitness. We introduce essential Taekwondo basics such as blocks, punches, kicks, and footwork, laying the foundation for their future progression.

  2. Smooth Transition to Beginner Taekwondo: At the age of 5, some Little Dragons will transition to our regular Beginner Taekwondo class. Our experienced instructors understand that each student develops at their own pace, and they closely monitor their readiness for the transition. Parents can rest assured that our instructors will communicate with them when their child is ready to move up, ensuring a seamless progression based on each student's abilities.

  3. Individualized Attention: We recognize that each student is unique, and our instructors provide personalized guidance to support their growth. Our experienced instructors create a safe and encouraging environment where Little Dragons can thrive, building confidence and self-esteem. By tailoring instruction to meet the needs of each child, we ensure that every student receives the attention they deserve.

  4. Parent-Teacher Collaboration: We believe in fostering a strong partnership with parents throughout the learning journey. Our instructors maintain open lines of communication with parents, providing updates on their child's progress and discussing milestones and goals. We value parent input and are committed to working together to create the best learning experience for each Little Dragon.

Enroll your child in our Little Dragons program, and let us embark on this exciting adventure together. Watch as they develop focus, discipline, coordination, and a passion for Taekwondo. Join us in building a solid foundation for their future success, both on and off the training mat. Contact us today to learn more about our Little Dragons program and how your child can join the fun!

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