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Croft Taekwondo | Keller, TX

-No Contracts
  -Free Uniform
  -Try Class Free
  -Classes 5 days a Week
  -Ages 3 and up


"My son started taking lessons here about a year and half ago. He has absolutely fallen in love with the taekwondo discipline and eagerly works towards his next belt milestones. The staff at Croft have been supportive and challenging, which has helped keep him engaged in his skill development."


"Croft TKD has excellent coaches who are very patient and have instilled confidence into my son. I am very grateful and confidently recommend them!"

"Great place to learn new skills and make friends. The people there are very supportive and nice to one another. Master Croft very skillful and good at teaching new students."


"Master Croft is extremely supportive of his students. Master Croft is so patient and works well with my son to learn Haidong Gumdo. Love this place."

Croft Taekwondo | Keller, TX



We teach focus, self-control, and respect, and develop self-confidence in our students.

Our school teaches the Korean Martial Arts of Taekwondo and Haidong Gumdo (Korean Sword Art).

Try a Free class anytime!

  • No-Contracts

  • Free Uniform upon Sign-up

  • Signup anytime

  • Classes 6 days a week

  • Attend as many classes as you like - fit us around YOUR schedule

  • Family Discounts

  • Veteran Discounts

  • Weapons Classes

    • Nunchaku, Bo Staff, Sai, Sword

  • Private Lessons Available Upon Request

  • Multiple Instructors and Instructor Assistants

  • All Blackbelts are certified through the World Taekwondo Headquarters Kukkiwon in Seoul, Korea​

 Croft Taekwondo Academy

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Croft Taekwondo - Keller

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